“What is it worth…?”

  • What is it worth to have your entire sales force and management team live in the same database from any location worldwide 24/7 with 99.7% availability?
  • What kind of salary would you pay to someone to set it all up, maintain it, support it 24/7, back it up every night, prevent 100% of viruses, and provide disaster recovery?
  • Would you pay $25,000 per year for a person like that? That’s what it cost to host 25 users with ACT! and MS Office.
  • What would you pay to never have to upgrade computer or network hardware again?
  • What is it worth to never again have to install or maintain a single software application?
  • How much would you pay to have a lifetime license to all Microsoft operating and office software?
  • What is it worth to have a completely flat IT budget that only fluctuates with the addition or reduction in # of employees?
  • What would you pay to reduce your worries down to just one – providing an internet connection to your employees?
  • What would you pay to never again concern yourself with the scalability of your current IT infrastructure?
  • How much is disaster recovery worth to you?

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