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“That’s Cheap!”


That’s what we have heard from CFO’s who have compared the costs of providing technology solutions to their employees. When you add together the labor, the software, the hardware and the maintenance required to deliver technology to the user, ACTRemote! is a real bargain.


For example…


Fantasy World Option: You could hire an IT professional who is Microsoft Certified, Citrix Certified & ACT! Certified to setup and support your IT infrastructure.


  • This person would cost your company only $25,500/year - including benefits and taxes. (We know that is an unrealistic salary, but stick with us – this is a fantasy option!)
  • This IT dream person would bring with them all the computer hardware and software necessary to set up a high performance Citrix platform that grows all on its own and never needs upgrading (still for only $25,500 a year!)
  • Your IT person would also bring with them MS Office 2003 licenses and all future upgrades, and all Microsoft Operating Software and future upgrades (you guessed it – they still only want $25,500 a year).
  • Your IT person would never forget to backup data, would prevent viruses, would provide support 24/7, manage security and make sure you are up and running 99.7% of the time (99.9% track record over last 3 years).


Real World Option: ACTRemote!

  •  This option would cost the same thing as the fantasy option ($25,500 per year for 25 users) and would include all of the above plus…
  • You not only get one person with all the skills listed above, but an entire team of MCSE’s (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) and Citrix certified engineers to maintain your network, and handle your IT needs.
  • You get an ACT! Certified Consultant to insure that ACT! operates efficiently and consistently for all users, thus eliminating the need for tech support from the software manufacturer.
  • Live access to your applications and data 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Support for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and many other operating platforms.
  • No more software to install, configure, troubleshoot/support and maintain. All software maintenance (ACT!, MS Office, Operating Software, Citrix and any other application we host for you) is provided by us.
  • Disaster recovery, unmatched security, full redundancy (servers, firewalls, power backup, communications, A/C, etc…), fault tolerant systems (hot swappable raid drives, cpu’s).
  • Flat budget.
  • Streamlined process for adding additional users – only 1 step.


That’s a team of highly trained and highly experienced professionals for $25,500/year! What would it cost you to hire just one person with any of those qualifications with no where near the level of experience? And, if you did hire just that one person, could he/she guarantee that your network would be up and running 99.7% of the time?

Our annual price is inexpensive, very inexpensive, when you consider the human resource cost alone. In addition, you also get a server, network infrastructure, server operating software, Citrix software, MS Office software, Client Access Licenses (CAL), data backup, virus prevention, unmatched security, disaster recovery, and much more.

Now that truly is cheap!


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