remotely access your desktop applications
system requirements for remote access

None (see comparison chart on system requirements)

486 with 16MB RAM (or equivalent Mac) or any of the following. Linux® workstations, laptops, and other network appliances and/or Thin Clients


any version


any version


any version


any version

Try ACT Remote for yourself

Essentially if you have Internet access (high-speed recommended but not necessary) on any computer, you have all you need to run ACT 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, ACT 6.0, ACT 5.0 and/or Microsoft Office 2007, 2003 or XP as well as the current versions of many other applications on our servers with blazing performance (see demo).

If you have a firewall, we do also require that you have ports TCP 80, TCP 1494 and UDP 1604 all open. These ports are used for web access and are normally open by default.

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To learn more, call 1-866-WEB-ACT! (932-2281) or fill out a form to log into our server for a demo.