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  Act premium 2006  Act 2004 Act 2000  Microsoft office    ACT 2008/10        ACT 2006/8           ACT 2004/6          ACT 2000/5  Microsoft Office 

     Premium                                                                                         XP or 2003

                                                                                                           Stnd. or Pro


   QuickBooks        QuickBooks          QuickBooks             QuickBooks

     Pro 2005            Pro 2007          Premier 2007            Enterprise


       Adobe                Microsoft             Microsoft

      Acrobat               Exchange             Project

Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook (Pro Version adds Access). We also provide hosting for Microsoft Exchange.

remote access to your software

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To learn more about our hosting services, call 1-866-WEB-ACT! (932-2281) or fill out a form to log into our server for a demo.