How ACTRemote Works (Watch a Video)

Your software, hosted on our secure servers and accessed via the Internet, runs and behaves exactly as if it were running on your own desktop or laptop computer. Remote users log on, by inputing their user name and password at a web (portal) page. After passing through several layers of authentication the user is shown a virtual desktop with all the shortcut icons for the software applications that we are hosting for them. The screen, which can be displayed full screen, will look, work and feel just like any desktop.

We have been ACT! Certified Consultants since 1995 and have been hosting ACT, MS Office and many other software applications for over 8 years. In addition we have an entire team of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers to support you. It is like having your own full time IT department with a wide range of experience and expertise, but without the major expense of hiring them.


To see details on our data center located in Bellingham, WA click below:

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Your virtual desktop with your hosted software applications launches over your existing desktop.

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