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18 Things You Get with ACTRemote!

  1. Live access to your applications and data 24/7 from anywhere.
  2. Team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals to insure technology is delivered to employees 99.7% of the time – guaranteed.
  3. Proven Citrix operating platform and all software licenses associated with providing it.
  4. All Microsoft Operating Systems licenses – both server and client access licenses.
  5. All Microsoft Office software licenses and future upgrades.
  6. Nightly full backups with 30 days of retention.
  7. Virus protection.
  8. Support for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and many other operating platforms.
  9. No more software to install, configure, troubleshoot/support and maintain. All software maintenance (ACT!, MS Office, Operating Software, Citrix and any other application we host for you) is provided by us.
  10. Disaster recovery.
  11. Unmatched security.
  12. All hardware (server and network infrastructure) necessary to provide a stable and efficient operating environment for ACT!, Office and any other applications we host.
  13. Full redundancy (servers, firewalls, power backup, communications, A/C, etc…).
  14. Fault tolerant systems (hot swappable raid drives, cpu’s, etc…).
  15. Flat budget.
  16. Streamlined process for adding additional users – only 1 step.
  17. Scalability.
  18. Stable environment reduces risk of data corruption and viruses.

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To learn more, call 1-866-WEB-ACT! (932-2281) or fill out a form to log into our server for a demo.