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Try ACT Remote for yourselfWould you like to have access to your applications conveniently and securely over the Internet and save money by not needing to have an entire IT department? We host the desktop versions of ACT! 2011 Premium, ACT! 2010 Premium, ACT! 2009 Premium, ACT! 2008 Premium, ACT! 2006 Premium, ACT! 2004/6.0, ACT! 2000/5.0, Microsoft Office XP & 2003, Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks Pro and many other desktop software applications that can all be accessed over the Internet.


Use the full blown desktop version of ACT! Premium right from your iPad! (see details)


ACTRemote takes the #1 best selling desktop CRM and turns it into a hosted CRM with out losing any of the desktop features!


woman accessing act remotely from her laptopWe believe that ACT! users want to access their ACT! hosted on the Internet exactly the way it is on their local hard drive. That is why we host the actual software ACT 2000/5.0, ACT 2004/6.0, ACT 2006/8.0, ACT 2008/10.0, ACT 2009/10.0, ACT 2010/10.0 and ACT 2011 Premium, along with any of your customized changes. ACT is the number one CRM application in the world. Many of its 4 million plus users like its ease of use and the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the program. However, they also needed a hosted CRM solution, and until we came along they were forced to use programs like, Microsoft CRM, or some other application that did not fit their needs. Now you can have the #1 CRM application in the world hosted, and keep all the features you love about ACT! Plus, since it is hosted, all your users can securely access your software from any Internet connection in the world!


remote access to your applications

No software to install/configure

No server to procure and setup

No limitations on the ACT! software applications

No web programming

No additional security to be concerned with

Use ACT, the World's #1 CRM, as your hosted CRM solution
Wirelessly sync to iPhones, BlackBerry or Windows phones
Live Access via an iPad - even from your car

Use Microsoft Word as your word processor or...

Use the ACT! Word Processor

Print anything to an actual printer

Perform mail merges with multiple contacts

Unlimited reports

Customize reports

Use ACT! add-on products

No static IP address required

Runs on Windows (any version), MAC, Unix, Linux, iPad

We host ACT 5/2000; ACT 6/2004, ACT 8/2006, ACT 10/2008; ACT 11/2009, ACT 2010 or ACT 2011

We also host Microsoft Office Std. and Pro

Wirelessly Synch to Popular PDA's.

In addition to having all your applications and data online, you can synchronize your ACT! data wirelessly to any iPhone, Windows Mobile device or BlackBerry cell phones from anywhere you have a cell signal! It's fast and reliable.

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